Cauliflower is available in white, cheddar(orange) purple, standard, romanesco, and dwarf varieties.
Cauliflowers are excellant raw, steamed, roasted< boiled, or as a cauliflower cheese soup.
Cauliflower contain Potassium, Iron, Vitamins A, C and Zinc.

If you see an occasional small brown spot on a few florets  those discolored spots are natural and are easy to trim off with a knife.

Store Cauliflower in the refrigerator. Wrapped it in plastic.

Use within a few days.

Romanesco is an old Italian light green variety of Cauliflower with fossil like spiked cones. The flavor is like a mild-Cauliflower with hints of Broccolli.

Cheddar Cauliflower tastes and looks very similar to white Cauliflower.


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