Potatoes originated in South America brought to Colonial America, where they prospered.
With more that 500 varieties of potatoes to choose from, make them a popular culinary choice,
YUKON GOLD a great mashing and salad potatoe.
NEW POTATOES are classified as fresh harvest potatoes and should be eaten quickly.
FINGERLINGS tender skinned, thumbsized blue, white and red choices are excellant for roasting, steamed, sauteing, and boiling.
REBA excellant baking, masher and roastin potatoe with a long storage life.
RED ROSE red skinned general all around cooking potatoe.
BLUE best for boiling because of their texture.
Potatoes are an important source of carbohydrates, Vitamins C, B potassium and Iron.

Store Potatoes in a paper bag in a cool DARK, dry place.

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