Notes from the Farm

Products, Producers, and Places

Agora Farms  provides a service to Washington area consumers and Pennsylvania farmers, growers, and suppliers to connect them via our farm market stands, by providing the best available fruits, vegetables and products in a timely fashion to insure freshness, nutritional quality and all at a fair price.  Just as the consumer dosen’t have time to go to farm to farm to farm to shop, the farmers are busy growing a high quality product, attending to their families, or simply just resting, or don’t have the time to travel to sell their wares.  Long trips, uncertain consumer preferences, incorrect inventory, fickle weather conditions and other urban surprises play a part in the decision of the farmer to choose Agora Farms to sell their products.

Each day, during the Pennsylvania growing season,  Agora Farms drives off early in the morning to meet our farmers and workers to select the best available products for our customers at our markets. As we work with local farmers, and suppliers, we plan to make sure that the product is one we can count on.  Our goal is to provide a service to the farmers and consumers by obtaining the best produce and products from our Pennsylvania sources at a fair market price to both the farmer and consumer. That is why our slogan “Your good taste is our success” works well on both sides of the equation.

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