Baby Bok Choy contains a high amount of vitamin A, vitamin C.

Thick, crunchy stalks lead to deep green, soft leaves, in stir fry cook thicker stems longer than the thinner leaves.

Bok Choy can be eaten raw, this vegetable is of a mild peppery cabbage flavor and is superb for soups, salads, grilled, roasted, steamed, braised or sautéed and served as the.

Rinse one head Bok Choy.

Cut out root bulb at base chop ribs into large, bite-size chunks, and leaves into 1×2″ strips. 2-3 tbsp oil  in a large frying pan cloves, add spices, garlic, salt to taste.

Add Bok Choy ribs, stir for 1-2 min. until translucent, cover for 1 min, then add Bok Choy leaves, stir for 2 min.


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