CAULIFLOWER is available in white, cheddar(orange) purple, standard, romanesco, and dwarf varieties. Cheddar and purple  cauliflower tastes  very similar to white cauliflower.
Cauliflowers are excelant raw, steamed, roasted, boiled, or as a cauliflower cheese soup.
Cauliflower contain Potassium, Iron, Vitamins A, C and Zinc.

Purple high in anti-oxidents, orange higher in Vitamin A

If you see an occasional small brown spot on a few florets  those discolored spots are natural and are easy to trim off with a knife.

Store Cauliflower in the refrigerator. Wrapped it in plastic.

Use within a few days.

ROMANAESCO is an old Italian light green variety of Cauliflower with fossil like spiked cones.

The flavor is like a mild-Cauliflower with hints of Broccoli.



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