Our apples are harvested on the slopes of the South Mountains,10 miles west of Gettysburg Pennsylvania.  Since 1920 the four generations of Benners have been producing the finest apples in Adams County under the El Vista Orchard name.
El Vista means the view in Spanish and the magnificent view is of 900 beautiful, eco managed, pesticide reduced, wild life abundent, acres of apples, cherries, nectarines, plums, and peaches, is truly breath taking.

Ginger Gold (Late August) is sweet, tangy, and juicy. An excellent multi-purpose eating and cooking apple; it also excels as a salad apple

Gold Rush (October) is as rich in color as it is in taste, and its combination of high sugar and acid make it a rich, spicy, complex crunchy treat.

Gala (September) crunchy and juicy, with a sweet flavor. Well suited for snacking, salads, and baking,

Honeycrisp (Late August) Exceptionally juicy with a crunch beyond compare sweet, slightly tart flavor.

Stayman (Mid-October) is a striped, deep red apple with a cream-colored, crisp, and juicy flesh. it is a tart, all-purpose apple that stores well.

Fuji (Early Augustt, Late October) is an excellent sweet eating apple

Cameo (October) It is a sweet, crunchy apple with a thin and tender peel.

Northern Spy (Late September) An ever-popular cooking, (“Best for Pie is a Northern Spy”) fresh eating, drying, and juice apple. It has a strong, sweet flavor and crisp texture.

MacIntosh (September) juicy, slightly tart, and the most aromatic of all apples, Macs are excellent for both fresh-eating and cooking, and it breaks down easily, making it a popular choice for applesauce. Its flavor is superb in pies, ideally mixed with a firmer variety for the best in taste and texture.

McCoun (Mid-September) the best tasting apple, especially fresh from the tree. Its crispy, juicy white flesh and rich, complex flavors of strawberry and spices.

Pink Lady (November) firm, crisp, tart and honey-sweet, also a good cooking and sauce apple.

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