EGGPLANTEggplant is a fruit. A multiple of eggplant varieties are available.

Great for stuffing, fried, baked, steamed, grilling, eggplant rolls wrapped with prosciutto & mozzarella. Eggplants are a key ingredient in Asian, Italian, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Greek dishes.

ITALIAN Purple and fat.

JAPANESE Long, narrow and slender, lighter purple Has a tender sweet flesh

FAIRY TALE  Most tender  and sweetest of all eggplants, but are perishible. Short season.

PURPLE Most common. Excellent substitute for meat.

WHITE Dense, creamier, less bitter, more seeds, but firmer that the purple.

LAVENDER  Just a different color.

ROUND great for stuffing

When selecting Eggplant they should feel heavy, and firm. Glossy and unblemished skin.

No pits dents or wrinkles.

Always cook Eggplant before eating.

Rinse, cut off stems and cap.

Soaking in salt will help remove the bitterness, excess moisture and to prevent excess oil absorption when cooking.

After slicing raw eggplant discolors when exposed to air.

Use sooner that later for best taste.


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